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3D Tracking UK

3D Motion tracking describes the simulation of real-time action camera moves using software such as PF Track, Boujou, Matchmover, or SynthEyes. Over the years, the technique has enjoyed widespread application in commercials and feature films. However, it’s now being extended to type and character animations. If you wish to pleasantly transform your live-action footage, you shouldn’t hesitate to hire experts at 3D tracking in the UK. Our professionals at Green Eyed Productions Limited have ample experience with motion capture and tracking technologies, and you can trust us to work our magic on your footage.

What are the applications of motion tracking?

The diverse applications of motion tracking largely depend on the environment. In 2D-environments, the most common approach involves tracking the X and Y-axis alongside rotation and zooms on the Z-axis. Alternatively, the technique can be used to achieve a fair beat of stabilization for a shay shot.

In the 3D-environment, motion tracking makes complex camera moves along the X, Y, and Z axes possible. 3D-tracks also give room for creating character models, extruded types, and other dimensional objects using 3D software.

Despite the numerous potential benefits of 3D-motion tracking, many directors or film-makers refrain from using the technique because they feel it adds an extra layer of complexity to their work. While there’s some iota of truth in the statement, working with the 3D tracking pros can make the task much less challenging.

What is the best software for 3D tracking in the UK?

There are many great 3D motion tracking software packages out there. The user’s choice is often influenced by personal preferences and the specific requirements of the project. Here, we highlight some of the most popular software we use for motion capture and tracking alongside their distinguishing features:


  • Great for stabilizing 360 shots and inserting animations of choice

  • Gives room for virtual sets on green screens

  • Easy to clean up errors and correct mistakes

  • A large number of features that give you enough value for your money

3D Equalizer

  • Tested and trusted over the years

  • Numerous features such as Deep Python Integration, high-speed optimization, unique solvers, lens distortion, etc.

  • Perfect for everyone looking for top-end effects


  • Makes it easy to import computer effects directly into real-life footages

  • Quite affordable, making it a great option for beginners

  • Relatively easy customization alongside numerous tools for the purpose


  • High-end precision

  • Outstanding features, including but not limited to photogrammetry embedded, tracking, layouts, 2D to 3D conversion, etc.

After Effects

  • Comes from the stable of Adobe, arguably the most famous company in the world of video editing

  • Promises countless outstanding features that make every penny spent worth it

  • Gives room for multilayer 3D embedding and tracking

Contact us for the best 3D tracking services in the UK

Are you thinking of how to make your films and animations stand out? Green Eyed Productions is the company you should partner with. We have a deep talent pool of video editing experts that can transform your ordinary shots into extraordinary scenes.  Contact us on +442038236657 to discuss any bespoke projects.

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