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Graphic Explosions UK

We are a team specialized in creating the best explosive effects and visuals for any of your audiovisual needs. Not only can you count with the finest and preeminent techniques and tools, but as well as an unexcelled variety of destructive models (bullets, explosions, entire structure collapsing) in any environment (water, buildings, land, mountain). 

Our team always works with one goal in mind: creating unique and realistic visual effects. That's why we offer a wide array of services from Roto/Removal to CGI, destruction shots with or without agents. We have the best tools available such as Houdini and FumeFX to provide you with the best quality in the market in the shortest time possible. Our creative team has led us to work in TV commercials, series, and small films.

Moreover, we always provide for unbeaten timing and short response, adjusting ourselves to your needs and budget (never compromising quality). Ultimately, we will finish your project with the format and resolution you desire for your piece, creating almost perfect results! 

As we strive for versatility, our leading visuals range from presentation animation, corner pinning, stabilizing your shot, 3D tracking, VFX shots, anything that goes in between a PNG file to a multi-layer EXR. 

It is important to remember that, when adding any scene that contains destruction, it is of utter importance that it looks as realistic as possible, no matter the circumstance. That’s why we make sure to use our top investigation and tools to keep an eye on those details that make a difference. In our page and reel, you can observe the use of debris, foam, smoke, fluids, collisions, dust, sand, and fire for it the maximum realistic experience. 

Additionally, we have an in-depth study of water bodies, making it possible to create realistic oceans, tidal waves, storms, and fluid splashes for any type of object as quiet waves against the sand. As versatility is one of our strengths, it is also part of our proposal to include the possible effects in a fight. How a power shield may be affected by a strike, separating parts of armor, amongst other examples, that can help you create a richer experience with your project. 

When talking about our second to none creation on 3rd visuals, there are multiple methods you can take into consideration. For beautiful and fluid audiovisual work, and depending on the project’s nature, we offer lens distortion, CGI blend in, the finest motion design that allows your shot to become the highlight needed, light wrapping, color grading, and many more.

Knowing that our ultimate achievement is to help you implement ideal effects that can be used in short-length films, TV advertisements, and series, our top priority is counting on the greatest tools: 

  • FumeFX, 

  • TP, 

  • Tyflow, 

  • Houdini, 

  • 3DS Max, 

  • PhoenixFD. 

If you wish to work with us, to see our portfolio and how we can help you elevate your visual production, or if you have any questions or inquiries, contact us!

Contact Green Eyed Productions LTD to discuss any bespoke projects: UK +442038236657

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