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Volcano - General workflow

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

We create bespoke tailored visual effects, product shots, all tailored to the customers needs and budget.

There are many things to consider when crating stunning visuals and simulations. take the example below :-

Now this shot composed of the layers below

Shot block out and base camera movement.

Terrain - tailored to the shot (background/Foreground)

Terrain erosion.

6 types of trees.

Scattering of trees defined by closeness to water, height, light.

Layered instance of trees on the mountains and hills.

HDRI and lighting.

Close and distant clouds - volumetric.

Mountain clouds/dense mist patches - more volumetric.

Flip fluid for the ocean - using spectrum and simulation.

White water particle - on the waves.

Defining sand banks at base of mountains.

Finally the main works

Debris shot from the Volcano

4 layers of Pyro fluid simulations

Main smoke

Secondary smoke

Debris smoke

Rolling smoke

All this composited to make the final shot

I will do a follow up blog, covering each of these in more details with problems and the solutions, that we found.

more details can be found on our youtube

or our twitter feed

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