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VFX Studio London UK

Visual effects have grown to be an important part of videomaking. They’re powerful storytelling tools, and they’re an excellent way of bringing creative imagination to life. Employing visual effects in the right manner guarantees your video production will turn out better and more appealing. If you’ve been looking for the best and most affordable VFX artists in the UK, do not hesitate to get in touch with the professionals at Green Eyed Monkey Productions.

When should I engage VFX artists for my project?

Many clients ask for the best time to contact a VFX studio in London, UK, during their project timeline. While we do not doubt that we can always chip in at any stage of the project, we know from experience that engaging us early is almost always the best for the project. Our experts can come up with concept designs for environments and creatures and commission storyboards at the early stage. We are also adept at creating the previsualization of 3D sequences.

As the project proceeds, you can trust us with on-set supervision, HDRI data capture, photogrammetry, and other related tasks. We can also provide a full range of VFX, FX, CGI, and 3D motion tracking services. Our expertise also extends to post-production clean up and editing.

What makes Green Eyed Monkey Productions different?

Our budding Visual effects company thrives on three core values: innovation, originality, and exceptional service delivery. We have a team of uber-talented and hardworking VFX artists in the UK that have a passion for transforming ordinary shots into extraordinary scenes. All our team members work round the clock to provide imaginative solutions for our clients’ problems in record time while ensuring we do not compromise the project’s quality.

More than executing one-time jobs and getting paid, we prefer to develop a relationship with our clients. We typically walk with clients through every step of the creative process, and our methods have put us in the good books of most clients. Little wonder most of them cannot stop coming back!

What can we do for you?

Our creative team is committed to helping clients in any way we can. We work on everything from TV commercials to small films to episodic series. Below are a few of the visual effects we can help you with:

  • Destruction and Pyro

  • Fluid and infinite oceans

  • Destruction with fluids

  • Destruction without fluids

  • Yacht

  • Running horses

  • Crowds

  • Flooding scenes

Contact the UK VFX experts

Are you looking for the finest VFX artists in the UK? You can rest assured we have them on our payroll at Green Eyed Monkey Productions. Our studio is known for excellence in visual effects, and we go out of our way to please our esteemed clients. Whatever your special effects or 3D motion tracking needs, we can assure you we have the equipment and expertise to make your imaginations come to life. Already thinking about working with us? Contact us on +442038236657 to discuss any bespoke projects, and we’ll be more than glad to come on board.

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