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VFX Studio UK

At Green Eyed Productions LTD, we focus on helping businesses draw attention to their brands by providing unmatched VFX in the UK. We are one of the best VFX studios in the UK, with hundreds of loyal clients. Our UK VFX studio provides services to both small and large businesses. We have worked with leading telecommunications companies and smaller businesses in our community. Clients choose our visual effects studios in the UK for many reasons.

We are Professionals

Unlike other VFX studios managed by inexperienced freelancers, Green Eyed Productions LTD is a professional studio managed by experienced professionals. Our staff consists of industry professionals with many years of video production experience. We have videographers, directors, cinematographers, editors, VFX artists in UK, and scriptwriters as part of our staff. These professionals have gone through extensive classrooms and field training in their respective fields.


Our VFX professionals can match any style of video you want. Whether you want VFX services for a promotional video or social media post, we are sure we can match your expectations. We can incorporate 2D or 3D animation, stock footage, actors, or special effects into your project. Just let us know what you want, and we will create it. Our staff consists of trained video professionals who are incredibly versatile and can film whichever visual style or tone you want.

Quality Concept Creation

Finding a concept for your video can be quite difficult. If you are unsure where to start, we can handle it all for you. Our experienced staff will find something that captures your idea or brand and fits in with your audience. We will inform you about every detail we have captured throughout the concept creation process and create a video that resonates with your audience.

We Beat Deadlines

Our VFX studio professionals work hard to finish projects on time. We can finish your urgent video project on time and within budget. We understand the importance of timely production and always meet deadlines regardless of the timeframe without compromising quality. All our video production projects are top-notch. We have worked on a wide range of video production projects throughout the UK. Our studio has the staff, infrastructure, and experience to handle any complex project regardless of your location in the UK.

Excellent Script Writing

We believe a nice script makes an excellent blueprint for any video. Our studio has some of the best scriptwriters in the industry. They will simplify your product or service so that you can communicate your message to your audience while engaging them with excellent video work.

Experienced Videographers

Green Eyed Productions LTD has worked with some of the biggest and renowned brands in the UK and beyond. We have experienced videographers who can handle any VFX project. Our experience and skills make us the most sought after visual effects company in the UK. We assure you that a dedicated producer will manage your project from concept to screen. We do not outsource any aspect of our video production, promoting accountability.

We have a full production team. Please contact Green Eyed Productions LTD to discuss any bespoke projects: UK +442038236657

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