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Visual Effects Designer UK

Visual effects became prominent over the years due to their massive production in Hollywood for film and Television. Today’s visual effects are so heavy it is nearly impossible to tell apart reality from fiction. Award-winning VFX artists put in a lot of passion, commitment, and overtime to be at the pinnacle of their career. To choose the best visual effects designer in the UK, you should look for the following great tips to filter out many amateurs.

Tips for choosing the best visual effects designer in the UK


The first consideration for a great artist is their attention to detail. The keenest visual effects studios in the UK are more likely to produce more realistic effects.

Unexcelled visual designers are both artists and physicists because they see the world in color and geometry. Movements are tricky to recreate because they have several different dimensions and color changes in one scene. We look at minute details like their realism and shadows to understand the specific composition.

You cannot know how the designer observes the world until you look at their portfolio. Ask for their latest project and study how they tell a story with color and motion. The project should communicate ideas while depicting the most realistic version of the item with a natural balance of shadows and lights.

Clear working goals

Time is money in all industries, including UK VFX. The greatest VFX artists know how to work on an excellent project within the given deadlines. The visual effects company establishes goals every day and every week, so all our clients get timely deliveries.

Beginners tend to lose themselves in the details and waste too much time perfecting each dimension. VFX artists in the UK are perfectionists who may forget to see the whole picture and spend an entire week balancing the density, color, and angles. We work on every aspect of your project within scheduled timelines so each detail can have a great balancing act of time and quality.

Artistic style

What are the artistic principles of the visual effects? You will realize that designers have acutely different ways of expressing emotion and will use different weights and color adjustments around their objects. Look at the project's artistic style to find one with the amount of drama you want in your project.

Technical skills

VFX in the UK uses a complex set of tools with multiple software options. We understand the technical principles of different programs and various feature settings' tradeoffs.

Green Eyed Monkey can create simple fluid shots or complex destructive shots with many different tools like FumeFX and 3DS Max. We work on projects for many other platforms, including the Internet, the gaming world, and movies. Our ultimate goal is to create the best aesthetics for optimal user experience. We want to collaborate with you to understand your exact desire for the project. Please fill out the form on our website to describe your project's details and call +442038236657 to discuss any bespoke work.

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