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Graphic FX UK

Visual special effects, known as graphic FX, are illusions or unreal visual elements used by graphic designers to create a movie, game, etc., to mimic a real event or simulate imaginary actions.

Creating special effects is quite a delicate task that requires extensive skills, knowledge, and practice. Knowing how to deliver top-notch and quality works to clients is essential, and at Green Eyed Monkey Production LTD., our team has perfected the art of making the best visual effects.

Who are we?

We are a team of graphic artists committed to providing innovative and beautiful solutions to your visual effects needs. With the best tools and equipment at our disposal, we combine innovative ideas and creative tools to deliver quality visual effects to you in the shortest time possible.

Our services

We provide animation and visual effects for TV shows, commentaries, theatres, movies, games, etc.

Our team of skilled animators, graphic FX artists, visual artists, and other professionals can bring every idea of yours to life. Some of the services we offer include Roto/removal, destruction shots, CGI fluid shots, pyro fluid simulation, infinite ocean, rolling waves, etc.

With our team, every one of your imagination is brought to life in clear and top quality shots.

These values have placed us among the forces to reckon with for providing the finest graphic FX services in the UK. And here are some of our distinct attributes:

  • Delivering Top Quality Jobs

Because we've never compromised on employing the best and the job tool, our clients have repeatedly praised us for providing great content that is top of the line. We understand that because you pay for our services, you must get your return on investment. So, you deserve only the best, and we ensure that happens by doing your work carefully and painstakingly to achieve great results.

  • Integrity

 Honesty is the soul of every business. At Green Eyed Monkey Productions, we'd never cheat or charge bogus rates for your work. We encourage our clients to schedule an appointment to discuss budget, work scope, and other related matters to ensure that all parties are satisfied. We promise never to cheat you in any way and only render the best services.

  • Fast and Prompt Completion of Tasks

Time is of the essence and a very crucial tool to the success of any business. Many keep wondering why our clients have always come back and even refer us. This is because we deliver each task promptly to our clients without wasting their time or postponing for any reason.

  • Innovative and Creative Designs and Effects

Beautiful and premier visual effects are what you get when you decide to engage our services. Our team is full of critical thinkers and innovators who work all day long to amaze you with beautiful and new visual effects. This has increased our past clients' trust and love for us. It has also brought new clients to our doorstep, and we promise never to relent.

Creating the visual effects for your upcoming TV show or commercials would be an absolute delight for us. Our past clients have trusted our brand for years, and we have never disappointed them. We bring your imagination or story to life with great visual effects, and we hope to do better every day.

Our rates are affordable, and consulting with us offers you quality graphic FX and saves you money. No other person does graphic FX in the UK better, other than us. So, Contact Green Eyed Productions LTD to discuss any bespoke projects: UK +442038236657.

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